Legal department of FFRF expands

FFRF is making some changes to its legal department staff recently in order to help fight for the continued separation of state and church.

Colin McNamara will be joining FFRF on Sept. 1 as the first Robert G. Ingersoll Legal Fellow. He’s a recent graduate of University of Richmond Law School and has extensive experience with the ACLU of Virginia.

Also starting Sept. 1, Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel will transition into the role of director of strategic response. He will be spearheading the legislative arm of FFRF to develop our new lobbying efforts on the federal and state levels.

Elaine and Eric Stone Legal Fellow Ryan Jayne has taken on a full-time role as staff attorney and legislative counsel. He’ll continue working on the legal issue areas as an attorney, but will also assist Seidel in tracking legislation.

Madeline Ziegler will remain FFRF’s legal intake attorney and also retains a part-time staff attorney caseload. Other legal staff members’ titles have changed, as well. Rebecca Markert is now legal director, Patrick Elliott is senior counsel, and Elizabeth Cavell and Sam Grover are associate counsel.

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