Here is our latest round of mail not fit for Letterbox (or those who can’t handle foul language). It is delivered to you unedited, for your pleasure.

Ad: Ahh, did your feelings get hurt? Apparently so since you took out a full page ad to dispute President Trump’s and America’s love for GOD. Get over it, Obama was a Muslim and Trump is Christian. — Kevin J.

Fox news: Come to my town and sphew your shit and you will leave with tour jaws wired shut. You fucking idiots — Bill Jones
YOU: “Freedom From Religion Foundation” is one of the most dastardly organizations in America…and in my opinion should be BANNED! What you people are…actually is…you are COMMUNISTS! — Jeff S.

FFRF: And, as a Veteran and a Patriot myself…I totally DISDAIN EVERY ONE OF YOU! You LIE about what the Constitution actually says…..and in doing so….you prove that you, everyone of you….are ANTI-AMERICAN! — Stan K.

Perverts: How can you pervert the constitution of the United States to suit your beliefs, as my Great- Grandfather signed the constitution! All of the men who signed were all religious and believed in God! You all are wicked and evil people who want to just shut down people who believe in God! Glad the O’Hair’s were killed!!! — Patricia H.

school: you are a ignorant c%%k su%$&^ — Scott Z.

Bullies: You may bully a school of children but you CANNOT BULLY GOD!!! — Johnny S.

Tucker Carlson: You people are something else! Good luck when you die and make sure you don’t ask for someone to pray for you. Dan Barker said all the depravity and violence in the bible REALLY. You people are the a SICK, depraved and evil group. You will really enjoy it when your father the devil returns. Enjoy this life because you won’t see paradise! — Rick J.

You: When the coming revolution takes place people like you will be targeted and purged from our country! There will come a day when you will believe in god! When you stand before him. But it will be to late for your soul! — Daniel P.

You are destroying America: You people are absolutely stupid. Just because someone wants to,have bible study or express their christian views you send a letter like cowards and infringe on people’s freedom of speech. Liberal rhetoric dictates what children are taught in the classroom and i bet you are for transgender bathrooms as well. Please help the majority of the people who don’t want abortion, transgender etc views pushed upon us. — Jason H.

Your entire organization: May God have mercy on everyone associated with your organization. The Bible is God’s word whether you want to believe it or not and it is not a book full of hated and intolerance. It is a book that gives instructions on how to live our lives in a Godly fashion. I am a public school teacher and a proud Christian. I am not owned by the government, but my employment is part of state government. I don’t/won’t ever back down to organization such as yours. I am entitle to free speech and I will always honor my 5th amendment right. — Donna H.

Your future: I hope you people burn in Hell. — Thomas G.

Dan Barker: He’s a peice of shit and should be nailed to cross Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha — Dave O.

Neosho Mo cross: I consider you on a par with terrorists like ISIS. — Paul S.

Unamerican: Your organization is actually the worst thing about America in the last 20 years. Why don’t you concentrate on something constructive, like childhood hunger, homelessness, providing for single mothers….. Oh wait, our churches in America do that. And to think you’re trying to get rid of them. Sick, sick, sick ,sick. I’m reporting you!!! — Jeff A.

Fire him!: I demand Dan Barker’s immediate termination. He presents himsef as glibly knowledgeable, but spouts slander discredited for centuries, thus exposing his ignorance or corruption. Mark my words: he will end up destroying any remaining credibility FFRF has left. This is the best you can do?! Fire him today! — M.D. W.

Hi: You guys suck. Hope you enjoy rotting in hell. What a sad, sad existence. — John S.

Planets: Why are all the planets we know of, round? So uf you follow the big bang theory, the wouldn’t all planets be oddly shaped hunks or space rock? Who polished all the pieces and made them round? — Morgan T.

Need help: I am sure your parents are very proud of your efforts, however, it’s too bad they did not believe in abortion as it would have helped me not having to waste my time sending this email- so then, I have just three words for you: SUCK MY DICK — D.

Just wondering: If I could convince all you ass wipes to just kill yourselves and save the rest of us the pain of your existence. — Ted B.

God: Come to our town you atheist bastards and we’ll throw you Godless pricks out with your law suit sticking out of your asses. We will not bow to your satanic thought and will physically remove you. — Neil M.

Religion: You can try and force us to think like you but Christ is KING! You will perish in hell when the time comes! I will join EVERY fight against your group! praise the lord!!! Sorry that you lost the last election. — Josh J.

Pensecola: You are the most hateful motherfuckers on the planet. God is disappointed in my language to you but I will ask his forgiveness, later. For now I find peace believing you will not ask his forgiveness and you will burn in Hell forever. — Eric W.

Freedom From Religion Foundation