Sharing the crank mail

This issue of FFRF’s crank mail, printed as received, comes to you unsponsored, by any one denomination, for obvious reasons.

Religen: Because of people like you you have ruined our US just look back when they took god out of schools and government things started changing for the worst right down the gutter just look back I was very proud to be an American but know I hope you all go to hell. — Frank Sheldon, Florida

Sam Grover: In My opinion your as worthless as tits on a Bora hog! Maybe you should Pack your Bags And go fight with ISIS And get out of the Land of the free! — No name

Religion: May you and your organization burn in hell. — Dirk Studebaker, Indiana

Christianity abusers: I herd you assholes at people against Christians are starting you’re shit again. Whining and crying like a bunch of pussy bitches. Because sheriff Judd in Fl was asked to and spoke at a Christian church. the least you lying bitches could do would be honest and say you only hate Christians and no one else. I love this sheriff. He had the balls to tell you Christian haters to fuck off. In case you people missed the interview I will say it all you people at FFR FUCK OFF! — Jake Smittef

Religion: Allow me to enlighten you because obviously you’re an ignorant piece of shit. The recognized religion of the United States has been Christianity for centuries. I want to see the sheriff wear his unifom while he preaches. Now you want to sue over that?

You’re a leach. A worthless member of society. I hope you feel good about yourself when the city can’t afford a new library because you wanted to sue over this bullshit. Get a life, you worthless scum sucking piece of shit. — Peter Goesinya, Florida

Fraudulent org: Just look forward to the day when you have stripped Christianity from our land and Muslims take over. Try to run your disrespectful org then. I bet this org would fold and the brave atheist will turn toward Mecca in a flash of cowardice. — L. Klotz, Katy, Texas

Death of Founder: I am certainly sorry for your loss. As Anne Gaylor passed from this life and closed her eyes she did not cease to exist. She was sent to hell because she rejected Jesus Christ. Its too late for Anne but not for you. If you are reading this you can call out to Jesus right now and ask Him to forgive you and come into your heart. Please take time to talk with Him today! — Barry Granger, Augusta, Ga.

Anne: Glad Anne is dead! Bet she wishes there was a God now! Lol — Billy Ray Goddfrey

Big mountain montana: Why don’t you people stay in Wisconsin and mind your own business. Just a bunch of whining Liberals. I hope you all die in a fire!!!!!! — Jason Cargill

Leave our City Alone: Congratulations! You have succeeded in bringing a small little town in Alabama together as Christians. A Christian flag flying at our city hall went unnoticed most all days because we drive by everyday and don’t usually pay attention to something that has been there for years. You may think you have a victory! But my friend the only victory here is in Jesus Christ. Because our little town will ban together as the Christians we are. You have not heard the last of us. — Michelle Bradley

constitution: have any of you so called educated morons ever read the constitution?? the falsely claimed statement “separation of church and state” IS NOT IN THE CONSTITUTION! i have 2 copies of our constitution and I HAVE READ IT! this statement came from a letter between (I could be wrong on the exact names) benjamin franklin and another person explaining the FREEDOM OF RELIGION of citizens of and visitors too the united states of america. you bunch of hell bound morons!!! — jon carry, zephyrhills, florida

awesome Fox appearance: Caught your awesome act on Hannity. I’m always sad when I see someone so sexually hot that is so impossibly stupid. Since you’re so hot, I just hope you’re only brainwashed, and not really that insanely ignorant. So, in summary, you’re second only to Rachel Mad cow in the ability to make me vomit….but I would still……..with you. — Michael Obama, Texas

sherriff grady: He made a perfect example of how better the world could be if everybody was a christia. And by wearing. His uniforn which he earned by the way. He showing an amazing example of what a christian should be. Ypur group threating to sue him is now only appalimg but disgusting. Instead of trying to sue him. How about trying to help him out. Maybe invite him to talk law. At your next meeting. — Patrick McCarthy, Florida

President Obama: If you can sue sheriffs, why not take on the President! Scared? Why don’t you do so thing good, stop wasting money on the little things! Stop the president from shoving Islam down the throats of Christian Americans. — C. Wolfe, Martinville, La.

Butt Your Nose Out: Please mind your own business! I would say I’ll pray for you, but since you don’t like people to do that, how about “Fuck off”? — Erica Seevers

Hawkins Jesus sign: In case you didn’t pay attention in school, our county was founded on prayer and religion. When we take it out of school, we wind up with a bunch of whinny asses like you guys. I saw a man in a store last week with two small children wearing a tee shirt that said “SuperFucking Man”. I suppose that that is OK with you and perfectly normal and good for everyone since that is freedom of speech? This is where our piss poor nation is headed! — Jake Benton, Texas

Mind yalls Damm business: Mind yalls own Damn business and worry about whAt goes on around y’all and yalls beliefs are yalls leave ours alone. — Johnathan Kaercher, Tyler, Texas

Ffrf: Ya’ll shove it up,your ass. — Alex Jones, Demopolis, Ala.

The Ten Commandments: You god Satan is waiting for you in his flaming dominion and I hope you enjoy the heat. I choose to worship the TRUE GOD and neither You, the Courts or Obama the Muslim Beast can force me to do otherwise. GO TO HELL YOU EVIL BASTARDS! — Thomas Greene

Billboard: Y’all have that come out of the closet and build a billboard well, how about this fir a billboard? I’M PROUD TO BE A CHILD OF GOD!!! HE’S THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME!!! WITHOUT HIM, I WOULD BE NOTHING!!! I WOULD HAVE NOTHING!!! WITH GOD, I HAVE ALL I’LL EVER NEED. HE IS MY EVERYTHING. Let’s see you fix a billboard of that!!! — Karen King

Gideon Bible: I was in a hotel and was shocked to see your sticker inside a Bible place there by the Gideons. How dare you put something in a book that doesn’t belong to you. If you don’t want to read it, then don’t. But I have the right to read that Bible if I want to. — Patricia Goedecker

whats up libtard scum: I have a sculpture of your prez made out of shit, it’s being sent to you by UPS. it’s fine art, enjoy and may GOD bless you LOL. — kunt quiller, connecticut

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