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Prayer & Religon: How dare u try to stop prayer b/4 public mtgs! I’m appalled by people who don’t live in our state try to cause problems where there r none. U hav a right to say whatever u want, u can claim peaceful measures, but I hav a right to protest U! I wish u would read the Bible. It is the good book. — Jim Anderson, Tennessee


You and FFRF may face legal action: So the point is that creation is a fact of science, not only a dogma of religion. When you deny the existence of God, you deny your own existence, because you deny the existence of human life. — Kazmer Ujvarosy


YOU: The fall of the Soviet Union must be hard for you to rationalize, and I look forward to your explanation of how freedom from religion was not able to create a utopia on earth in such a purist Soviet vacuum of religion. — Jim Jackson, Indianapolis, Indiana 


Prayer before city meeting: If you don’t like prayer you can choose to do so and burn in hell too. DO NOT think you will come to TX and push your crap on us. That will be your worst mistake you ever make in your life you bunch of idiots should all drink some antifreeze at your next meeting. — Jay David, Spring, Texas


your sick views on my personal life: I think that the individual should be the one to decide what they want, no some cockeyed group of idiots. I try to mind my own business, why can’t you? my business ends at the end of my nose, and so does yours. Fight the good finght, like getting illegals out of the country so Americans can work. YOU ARE SICK. I suppose you will have a hit time out for me now that you know who I am and where I livve. — William Seekings, Tucson, Arizona


NEWTOWN, CONNETICUT: Aren’t you glad there is a HELL where this mass murderer of innocent, young children is already receiving his just punishment? Aren’t you glad that there is a Heaven where these young children are now in Glory with God? Aren’t you glad that there is a Heaven where these grieving parents will someday be with their children? When you die, will you be with the mass murderer or will you be with these children? — Only Believe, Lexington, Ky.


You people should NEVER interfere with GODs work! EVER! This is the reason why kids now are so under disciplined. Have no skills, no compassion, no self worth, anything!! No one has control over them because you say it is ok, heck, better that no one say go to church. You won’t to do away with everything religous! When the LORD returns, and HE WILL!! You all will be the ones standing there saying, why did we do what we did? STOP THIS TURNING PEOPLE AWAY FROM JESUS AND WANTING TO PRAY AT SCHOOL, DURING GRADUATION, DURING SEND OFFS FOR OUR TROOPS!!
— Jack Hammand, Grand Rapids, Mich.


Deny the Truth: Do the research. Jesus is for real. And Jesus loves you. Jesus gave you life, and He gave His life for you so that you could live forever in heaven. The Truth is that God loves you very much, so much that Jesus was sent to die on a cross for your sin so that you could be forgiven and be restored back into a relationship with your Creator. If you would like more information, or would like to know how to give your life to Christ and be forgiven of your sin, then please do not hesitate to contact me. — Gunn de Paul


ASSHOLES: Fuck You — [email protected]


QUIT CRYING AND GROW UP: What a waste of money. The cost of an entire back page just to whine about your lack of religion. Shut up, grow up, and stay dumb. Sure, Christian people think you are crazy. But your lack of concern does not stop God from loving you. He loves the lame-brains as well as the smart people. ­— George Wells, Alabama


Our mayor of our town commands us to go to church: I want Dan Barker and his wife and daughter to stop wearing sneakers forever. They can wear any enclosed laced footwear they want except sneakers. Sneakers serve no purpose to our kind. Any other type of enclosed laced shoe is better than a sneaker. I will sue your foundation if you don’t comply. Not every new thing we have in society is needed. Soda is a new invention (1800s) but we know it is bad for us,same thing for oil refineries, steel mills, coal plants etc.Same thing with sneakers too.tell danny this.
Michael Donaldson, Kissimee, Florida


Hello: I just wanted to say how worthless you pieces of shit are. Jesus Christ created this world, and how dare you try to remove him from this world. You all are worthless COCKSUCKERS. Fuck off. How’s that for your freedom of speech BITCH? — Jeremy Smith, Michigan


Your oppression is good material for me: Roy Costner, a valedictorian at Liberty High School, recited the Lord’s Prayer. That sent you comrades into a tailspin. Check the dosage on that bottle of Xanax, Che. — Roy Adcox, Roanoke, Va.


Partnership: Hello Friends. Praise King Jesus, am so happy to read about you and my pray is that if can be in partnerships with your team would be great in the Kingdom of God.
Edward Odongo, Lira, Uganda


South Carolina Laughs At You: We are a Christian state. Nobody here cares what you people think in California. Come setup shop in our state. We dare you. — Victor Webster, Florence, SC


Freedom: Here’s another freedom for you, freedom of speech. Kindly go f**k yourselves, twice! And no, I’m not a Christian, I’m an atheist who respects others rights to live the way they want to. So again, go f**k yourselves. — John A.G. Keil

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