Election year caveat up in Wenatchee, Okanogan

wenatch group

FFRF, with the help of area secularists (see group photo above) in Wenatchee, Wash., placed an election-year caveat, “God and government a dangerous mix,” on a billboard in July at the intersection of South Mission Street and Ferry in Wenatchee. An identical billboard went up in late July in Okanogan, on Highway 97 just north of milepost 282, two miles north of the turnoff for Malott and five miles south of the southernmost exit to Okanogan.

FFRF, with 18,500 members nationwide, including almost 1,000 in Washington, placed the messages in tandem with its members and individuals connected with North Central Washington Freethinkers of Wenatchee, a local meetup group. FFRF thanks them for donating toward the costs and arranging the rentals.

“Our efforts this year are to once again remind the public that ‘We, the people’ need to preserve our Founding Fathers’ goal to give this country’s citizens a secular government without dangerous religious entanglements,” said Kurt Wyant, a member of FFRF and spokesperson for NCW Freethinkers of Wenatchee.

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