Divine absurdity of religion: Ariana Allison

Scared, oblivious and brainwashed — that’s how most of the world has been living for centuries. Scared of death, oblivious to the facts around us and brainwashed by the stories that have been fed to us for thousands of years.

Religion has held us back from living freely, thinking freely and ultimately, evolving. If religion is so divine and so  wonderful, why has it caused so much damage and corruption?

To this day, religion is used as a tool against rational scientific thought. It has fueled the lie that homosexuality is a disease that needs to be and can be cured. Religion tries to insert creationism into our schools. Religious groups shout out to us that the world is great and God is good, that everything will be all right if we just believe.

Show me your bible and I will show you a fairy tale. Show me your prayer and I will show you fear. Enough of all this nonsense — take that faith you put into an invisible symbol of corruption and put it into yourself.

Start thinking and stop following, because I can almost guarantee that once you start thinking, you will no longer follow.

Ariana Allison, Lakewood, Calif., says her passion is creation — of art. She is enrolled at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco and is interested in photography, painting, sculpting and writing. “My dream may seem naive, but I will settle for nothing less than what I love. And one day, I hope to make a change to this world by doing so.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation