Blasphemous brews: Danish Atheist Society goes Gudeløs

The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Danish twin, the Danish Atheist Society, is brewing up some great publicity.

The group, which advocates for the separation of religion and state, partnered with Bryggeriet Djævlebryg (Devil’s Brew), an irreverent Danish brewery, to produce the much anticipated Gudeløs (Godless) Imperial Stout and the lesser discussed OriginAle Imperial India Pale Ale, a 200th birthday tribute to Charles Darwin.

Scott Colson, FFRF's Senior Resident Beer Fellow (and occasional webmaster) sampled the ales.

Gudeløs Imperial Stout

Style background: Imperial Stouts are strong, dark ales originally brewed by Thrale’s (London) for Catherine the Great’s royal court. Because of the higher alcohol content in the ale, the beer did not freeze during transport through the Baltic.

Appearance: The beer pours very dark, with oatmeal lacing on head.

Aroma: Foam gives off subtle sweetness. The beer’s body smells slightly burnt, with bitter chocolate.

Taste: At the nexus of complexity, sublety and accessibility, Gudeløs travels all paths. The alcohol is mild and subdued, while the chocolate runs to coffee and finishes with a nutty butterscotch. The dry texture allows the malting to speak consistently until finish.

The beverage is very memorable and a dangerously drinkable Imperial Stout. Highly recommended.

OriginAle Imperial IPA

Style background: India Pale Ales are bitter, heavily hopped beers.

Appearance: Very hazy golden amber, slight orange hues.

Aroma: Dried fruits, subtle apricot, caramel, grassier hopping.

Taste: If you are a fan of double or imperial IPAs, you might be surprised by the lack of bitterness, given the otherwise heavy-handedness of hop flavors. A true tribute to Darwin, the Englishman, the Goldings hops are very prominent and give rise to notes of citric acidity. Quality pure and lightly toasted malts, as well as oak-aging, provide fine hints of vanilla while calming the mouthfeel. Distinct dry finish. They claim it’s “intelligently designed.” I concur.

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