Once again we dip into the darker side of the correspondence we get at FFRF. The following diatribes are presented to you, unedited, some X-rated, as they came to us.
You are scum: During the inquisition there were people like you who thought the nasty things they do would succeed. Temporary success does not guarantee permanent success, You will never get that but we will. Just wait and see. Like all Bad things, you will fail. — Jeffrey P.

Crosses across America: Just wanted y’all to know we are getting ready to start a drive to have all our Christian Brothers in this Country to place crosses in their front yards and Businesses. You are in the minority. We are the majority in this Country. Get ready we’re getting ready to go Nation wide on the Internet. — Chris L.

Separation of church and state: I am praying for each of you by name, that your eyes will be opened to who the Lord Jesus Christ really is. You should all take seriously…Proverbs 21:30 “There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD.” The FFRF will not succeed against the LORD. Please forward this to all of your board. — Steve T.

Respect: You are trying to remove religion off the face of the earth because of your beliefs.So once every symbol of religion is removed whats next kill all the people that are Christians because they don’t have your beliefs. I really feel sorry for you. — Dan S.

your organization: Since when do the minority over ride the majority? It appears your group has nothing better to do than meddle in oth people’s lives. Threatening headline grabbing litigation, a lawsuit that will cost everyone but your organization precious limited dollars, is typical of whiny spoiled children. It will be enjoyable seeing you continue to whine as you’re cast aside on Judgement Day. Burn in hell you atheist bastards. — Julio C.

belle plaine: why don’t you people just mind your own fucking business? — Kevin Deters
Sickening: This country was built by God, founded on God and if you don’t wanna believe don’t force it on anyone else. My son isn’t forced to take Bible in school and neither is any other student so stop trying to remove christian rights from our children based upon parents with no morals. — Melissa B.

bibles in schools: I will say this and only say it as a favor to you pieces of shit from one human being to another. normal americans grow very weary of people like your organization stands for. a day grows near when my countrymen may just decide enough is enough and that you and your ilk are a clear and present danger to the constitution and spirit of America as well as dealing with a judicial system that has gone of the reservation and decided to use case law in a lego block style to build on decision after decision until the actual constitution is destroyed. I wish to impress upon you are very close to that edge of a cliff form which the sleeping giant may be awoken and you will rue the day. — Ryan R.


IN God We Trust: It is my right to display an “In God We Trust” sign in the Mt Pleasant Post Office. It is YOUR right not to look at it. I suppose you don’t carry currency in your billfold or pockets either. WE HAVE A PRESIDENT NOW, that will allow me to profess JESUS is ALIVE and in HIM we trust! You just keep on coming in and sneaking around like the cowards that you are! — Phyllis F.

It’s all about you: You had and still have religion (not faith in Jesus Christ) but now you are worshipping at the alter of liberalism and how much blood (unborn) has been sacrificed there? Free think on that. — Dennis R.

Ha ha!: You’ll be lucky to survive a trump presidency. Let alone the new groups of pissed off veterans. Not that either will attack you directly, but you’ll slowly but surely be dismantled and fade into that atheist abyss. Good luck with that. That and your tiny penises. Look it up. Research says that athiests have .5 in smaller penises than their religious bros. Haha science sucks for you. — Jeff C.

Anti-fascist fascist: You fucking scumbags will never win!! That Christian flag will fly and I’ll even come to your offices and walk inside draped in that flag. Come try and strip it from me. Freedom of Speech you soulless cocksuckers and you will not tread on that! — Steve L.

us cosntitution: Americans are sick and tired of your organization destroying America. We are not afraid of you and we will NOT give in to your organization, at all costs! Any court agreeing with you is declared incompetent and we will NOT comply with their rulings. The Bible is FACT, not an opinion. Evolution is fiction, get over it. Do what is right and disband your organization, you are NOT welcome in the USA, your organization is a cancer on humanity and should be removed. — Michael H.

Constitution: Your organization is a shame and is disrespectful to the constitution – except for your beliefs. Never have i been so disgusted with people attacking religions for no reason. Atheism religion should be attacked also, and you are destroying hope in majority of people. You are a greedy, unjust organization and should be defended. You should be ashamed of yourselves but I am sure that you have no feelings. You are on the same level as a serial killer. — Kathleen H.

God is going to get you!: Hate to be you when to rapture comes and it will come or when you die for Hell is real and I hope it works out for you. Heaven is a much better place to be! — Wesley S.

Jefferson County, Mt. Vernon, IL: Now while I’m not going to speak for the Sherriff or the county as a whole, I will speak for me and my family. GET YOUR DAMN NOSE OUT OF OUR COUNTIES BUSINESS!. I’m hoping that you read that last sentence and understood that by me putting something in CAPS, I’m pretty much yelling my thoughts to you and this organization. You all have some damn nerve (damn wasn’t the word that I was thinking of), telling those of us in this county what we can and can’t do. So tell your legal team, to go find a short cliff and take a big leap. I wouldn’t want them to get REALLY hurt, but just so that they get their minds off us down here. — Paul R.

Douchebag liberals like ffrf: Come to my town and try that atheist shit and get sent home in a bodybag…. — Ed S.

Hell is a real place!: Freedom from religion YES, but not Freedom from the Holy Scriptures from a Hebraic Perspective. Get out the Old Version of King James and go back and see where you missed it ask the HOLY SPIRIT TO GUIDE YOU INTO THE TRUTH THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUGH. Hell is a real place created for the Satan and his demons even this evil cohort is afraid of HELL. Hell’s torment are in degrees and no one will be able to stand them. I was given a spiritual gift in the early 1970s and told Holy Spirit that I did not want that gift. He let me experience a degree of hell, and I wish that on NO ONE!!! PLEASE DO A INVESTIGATION OF HOLY SCRIPTURES FROM THE HEBRAIC PERSECTIVE AND NOT FROM TRADITION. YOU DO NOT WANT ANY PART OF HELL!!! PLEASE!!! — Ada B.

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