Sharing the crank mail

Yes, we get a lot of mail at FFRF. Not all of it is from the most erudite or lucid people in the world. The following comments, printed as received, prove that.

you try to take freedom so you are terrorists who should face death for treason: You subhuman träsh tried to get some little girls to not use Jesus signs? You disgusting trash bags need to get the hell out of this country if you are gonna do that because you aren’t being told you cant in fiction. You are the digrace to this country like hussein , and hillary rottin killton. So go back to hell where I came from — Caleb Nunya, Illinois

Hypocrites: Atheists spend more of their lives trying to disprove Christ, so rry to bust your bubble but he was real as tax records have proven. — Christopher Davis, Kentucky
The Truth: God is not a religion, He is a person. He told Moses; “I Am Who Am.” Genius isn’t it! He is!! You can not deny that He Is! — Noel Francis

freedom from religion?: You want freedom from Religion, move to a different country Hypocrites, If you dont want religion in your lives, what are you doing in a Christian base country?? You are a disgrace to the human race!! — Amy A, South Carolina
Your a bunch of scummy creeps!!!: yep — Jean Mcscmidt, Indiana

GOD: You people have NO idea what real. It doesn’t matter what you think. GOD is real and his word is real. Jesus is coming soon and will reign as king of kings. His commandments are real. You should really read and study the bible, you would find that it shows how things are and will be.

We need prayer in schools and the commandments should be on ever street corner….GOD is the final judge and he is coming soon. — Greg Ingersoll, Missouri

The Cross In The Wall: If there is no God Then whats the fuss about..let people put up there crosses, pray in school, church, at meetings. if you really don’t think there is a god what could it hurt. if you had a imaginary friend when you were a kid you didn’t get spanked . it just made you feel secure . your group is a very small group compared to the rest of the world that believes in some sort of higher power . I thank my God that i am not to smart to believe. — Barry Callaham

Harrassment: I am sick and tired of YOUR harassment. It is time you people stuff it where the sun don’t shine just because you have a bunch of high school graduates with a new born mentality. Just because you DON’T have a life, it doesn’t give you the right to FORCE your views on others. Lying, cheating , stealing is in your MOTTO. You make Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler look like a saint. — John Whiteside, South Carolina

Nutz: I wouldn’t pist on any of you people if you were on fire. Your a bunch of ignorant cry babies who blame God for their problems. It literally made me ill that one of your brain dead people complained about the Kansas post office. Its worthless bloodsuckers like you destroying this country. Safe everyone the trouble and go hump in front of a truck. — Jake Surridge

Freedom: you shouldn’t even want to touch money because it has In GOD we trust and maybe you should pack up and move on your own Island then you can have complete control and not be bothered with the difference in people and the right to choose and do your research this country was built on the word of GOD NOTICE the minute we took Prayer out of school then the school start getting attacked with shootings and now that we’re taking Ten Commandments out of the courtrooms our country and justice system is in ruins the LORD GOD warned nations about turning there backs on him they will bring destruction to there own nation GOD is a LOVING GOD but he is also a just GOD he is the reason we move and live and have our very existence so imagine being a parent and your children don’t acknowledge you or respect you in any kind of way but your the one who feed and clothe and shelter them amongst other things what a slap in the face that would be well that how we do our HEAVENLY FATHER when we treat him with disrespect because we don’t acknowledge him or thank him for all that he does for us can you guarantee that you will wake up tomorrow can you make the sunrise in the moon set you have no control over that but it is God that has control not you but God and when you don’t acknowledge him for all of his goodness and glory that is a disrespect but God is a loving God and he loves everyone but he does not force himself on anyone he’s there with open arms if you choose to want him and he is merciful and kind and forgiving — Arlene Adele

DERP! you are the whole problem: Well if you think we came about from Darwin that just dosnt happen that way.Look up how his offspring turned out retarded bad for real thats how much the man new of genetics zip 0 none.So where did we come from.You dont like God your problem I dont want to here about it go to CA and wine with all the lib tars out there. — Dave Taber, South Dakota

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