Sharing the Crank Mail

Ever wonder what it’s like to be part of a love-hate relationship? Read the crank mail, printed as received, for some insights.

How do i join? i don’t understand why yall feel like you must tell everyone you don’t believe in god. It’s like a straight guy telling everyone he is straight. Do you want a cookie? Who really knows the truth? And why do the non believers look so funny? is that why you hate god? Yall look like aliens.. I don’t care what you believe in!, no one does!. I just don’t like people that feel like I should know what they believe in. No one cares.!!! — American

This message to Ron Reagan: Soon G-d will let you know who HE is, very shortly !!! — God, New York

Wichita Basketball: We here at Wichita State University are not happy that you pricks want to hurt our shocker basketball program. We encourage you to continue to watching our team play basketball, but to find a different outlet for you to spread your atheist nuisances. — Aaron Jon Delzeit

Ffrf: You people better be afraid of hell because that’s where you are headed if you are a part of this program. — Abuh Kawasaki

Ffrf: Anyone who would even think about joining this program is just straight up restarted and will burn in hell if they don’t change their ways. God bless you. — Abuh Shabi

Your hate and bitterness: My most sincere prayer is that one day you wake up in hell. — Jesus Christ

Jesus loves you! As a Christian, it hurts me so, as I am sure it does JESUS that an organization such as this is allowed to exist in this country. You know the, In GOD We Trust Country. — Carrie Hagy, Pennsylvania

Keep your nose out of PENNSYLVANIA! WHo the hell do you people think you are to tell pennsylvania to take t he cross out of the official seal which has been there from the beginning. If you dont like a religious country go to russia or iraq or iran or north korea and tell me how you like it there. FUCK YOU ! ! ! !! May GOd have mercy on your doomed souls for all eternity. — Charles Seng, Allentown

You are assholes: Leave the country! — Tim Hill

religion: It amazes me the what Hippocrates you are. You attack Christian beliefs based on seperation of church and state . Thier is no law. When you do separate church from state looks what happens to social behavior especialy in school, childern attack teachers, teachers molesting students. Look how society has faulted since the seperatio of church and state started in the past fourty years. Take the beam out of your eye before removing the sliver in others eyes. Thank You. — Michael Waggoner, Gridley, Calif.

I pray for your soul: Maybe you should have your argument with the Pope. Maybe you should watch Father Robert Barron on YouTube. To me it seems you weren’t Catholic, the one TRUE CHURCH. We love you like brothers and sisters so please rethink your arguments after you do your due diligence within the Catholic church. — Brandon Yost

(no subject): Thanks for screwing up another school, and making our society go future down the path of destruction. — Richard Lingle, Texas
P.S. God forgive them for they know not what they do.

Sticking Noses: I’m not sure you know this, but the founders of this country came in search of freedom from religion. They worshiped GOD and believed JESUS died on the cross for our sins, but they didn’t want to have to be a Catholic. Why don’t you quit sticking your nose in other peoples business. Everybody knows a higher power than any of us makes babies, grows vegetables and fruit, etc. — Sara Waggoner, Tyler, Texas

Question: I was curious if anyone would kindly explain to me, a Christian, if the sun, stars, galaxies, bears, dogs, cats, whales, trees, oxygen, fish, turtles, lizards, alligators, snakes, deer, coyotes, along w the complex bodies we humans have, such as our eyes, heart, veins, reproductive system, sense of touch and smell, our ability to remember things in our brain from our childhood, to having a conscience, etc, etc, etc are all good enough reasons to suggest that God created all these things? — Michael Cuomo

god: I dont like seeing your commerical on t.v so I vow every time I see your commerical I will email the network and I will have everyone in my church and they will have their friends email the network where you won’t be allowed to have a commercial. Leave my god alone. — natosha farrow

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