Dawkins’ Tour “Captivates” American Audiences


Richard Dawkins (second from right) lunching in Madison, Wis., prior to delivering his riveting March 11 Distinguished Lecture address. He is shown with Deb Goddard, a student organizer with Free Inquiry, Foundation Life Member Phil Ferguson, a board member of the Secular Student Alliance, and Annie Laurie Gaylor, Foundation co-president. FFRF co-prez Dan Barker, also present, took the photograph.

Foundation co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor and new Foundation staff member Jane Esbensen staffing a colorful table at the Richard Dawkins Distinguished Lecture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The sell-out event was cosponsored by the Foundation. Photo by Dan Barker.

Prof. Richard Dawkins, renowned evolutionary biologist and author of the international blockbuster, The God Delusion, spent three weeks in the United States on a high-profile tour in March. The celebrated atheist and author of The Selfish Gene and many other major scientific works gave the Distinguished Lecture address at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on March 11. The sell-out event was cosponsored by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Dawkins’ riveting and gracious talk ended with a standing ovation. Hundreds of audience members lined up afterward to meet Dawkins and get books autographed.

The speech won rave press plaudits. The Capital Times headline reported: “Full house captivated by atheist Dawkins’ take on religion.”

Wisconsin State Journal columnist Susan Lampert Smith asked: “Who knew an evolutionary biologist had rock-star drawing power?”

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