Why is FFRF Concerned with State/Church Entanglement?

First Amendment violations are accelerating. The religious right is campaigning to raid the public till and advance religion at taxpayer expense, attacking our secular public schools, the rights of nonbelievers, and the Establishment Clause. Christian nationalists are using the “free exercise” of religion as a weapon to impose religion, rather than as a shield to protect religious minorities. Hard-won victories for women, LGBTQ and civil rights are imperiled.

FFRF recognizes that the United States was first among nations to adopt a secular Constitution. The founders who wrote the U.S. Constitution wanted citizens to be free to support the church of their choice, or no religion at all. Our Constitution was very purposefully written as a godless document, whose only references to religion are exclusionary.

It is vital to buttress the “wall of separation between church and state” which has served our nation so well.

Freedom From Religion Foundation