How Can I Join FFRF?

FFRF’s modest membership dues (starting at $40 individual; household only $10 more) include ten issues annually of the newspaper Freethought Today and the biannual “Private Line,” which reports financial and organizational information.

Help strengthen the freethought movement and maintain the treasured wall of separation between state and church.

Many ways to get involved:

  • Get 10 issues of Freethought Today, FFRF’s lively 24-page newspaper reporting fully on FFRF lawsuits, state-church complaints, victories and members.(Available in print, digitally and mobile friendly.)
  • Get discounts on convention registration.
  • Receive your cheering Freethought of the Day via email (
  • Sign up for FFRF press releases, blogs and action alerts. FFRF will also email you about any state/church separation actions, legislative issues or FFRF functions in your area.
  • Receive financial and business information, including FFRF’s annual Statement of Activities, via Private Line’s twice-a-year, member-only newsletter.

Your membership dues support:

  • FFRF’s activism and hardworking staff of more than 25 full-time employees.
  • Ongoing, significant lawsuits, plus eight staff attorneys, two legal fellows and two legal assistants ending hundreds of state/church violations without having to go to court.
  • FFRF’s media and billboard campaigns to heighten freethought visibility.
  • More than 20 regional chapters serving local members.
  • FFRF’s educational campaigns, including action alerts, news releases and our significant website resources and social media outreach.

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Twitter: @FFRF
Youtube: @FFRForg

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