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What are the Foundation's Accomplishments?

The Foundation and its staff attorneys act on countless violations of separation of state and church on behalf of members and the public including: Prayers in public schools, payment of funds for religious purposes, government funding of pervasively sectarian institutions, and the ongoing campaign against civil rights for women, gays and lesbians led by churches.

The Foundation keeps several challenges in the courts at all times, and has ended a variety of violations of the First Amendment including:

• Winning the first federal case challenging “faith-based funding” of a pervasively sectarian social agency

• Winning the first court order to a U.S. Cabinet revoking federal funds to a pervasively sectarian agency

• Halting federal funds to a bible school offering no academic classes

• Ending “parish nursing” faith/health entanglements at two state universities

• Halting a government chaplaincy to minister to state workers Other victories include:

• Winning a legal challenge ending 51 years of illegal bible instruction in Rhea County (Dayton, Tennessee) public schools

• Winning a federal court decision overturning a law declaring Good Friday a state holiday

• Barring direct subsidy to religious schools, in a federal lawsuit upheld by an appeals court

• Declaring unconstitutional the creation of a state post to “assist clergy” to save marriages

• Stopping public financing of an annual nativity pageant at a state capitol

• Ending commencement prayers at a Top Ten University 

• Halting religious postal cancellations


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