Tribute to Anne Nicol Gaylor 22

Tribute to Anne Nicol Gaylor

Paul and Anne Gaylor in the 1970s


“Anne Gaylor is a unique figure. She combines deep insight into the problems of society with a fervent determination to do something about them.

“Separation of church and state dominates the country’s tensions more than ever. Anne has worked ceaselessly to preserve this critical constitutional principle. She is an expert at keeping it before the public and developing the strategies to implement the struggle.

“From the start, she recognized the importance of abortion rights in the framework of social needs. She was one of the founders of the movement, and a leader in the National Abortion Rights Action League, originally the National Association for the Repeal of All Abortion Laws. Her Women’s Medical Fund made a lasting contribution.

“With all her militancy, Anne was always a dear friend to me. I loved phoning her just to hear her cheery voice. No one accepts her retirement. She is just taking a breather.” – Larry Lader

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