Sharing the crank mail

Here is another installment of some of the letters and emails we get at FFRF. Printed as received, including foul language, foul grammar and foul ideas.

I am a Christian: If you don’t believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit you don’t see believers taking you to court over your emblems representing what you do believe. I find it so sad that back a few years ago when the government decided that the Bible had no place in school, was the beginning of America’s down hill slide. Now, because of you and your organization, and others like yours, Americas down hill slide is totally out of control. I pray for you and those that think like you to find truth, repent and do something to rebuild Americas reputation as a Christian nation. She is falling fast, as was the case in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Where I am, well, I am safe. — Jerry Shepherd

Your group: The United States of America is a democracy where the wishes of the majority rule. That is why we have elections. The fact that you and other minority groups use the courts to thwart the wishes of the majority in this country is despicable. Especially you athiest. When you think that you are about to die, who is the first person that you call on ? GOD, that who. Keep up the good work of trying to destroy our country one court case at a time. — John Mitchell

Separation of church and state: I read your interpretation of the ten commandments. Seriously, that was propaganda not a scholarly critique, and it was bad propaganda at that. For being free thinkers, you are not very good at thinking. You might want to consider a change of occupation.

And before you give the typical knee-jerk response about Christians being weak-minded, know that I graduated first in my class from Duke University, with a degree in engineering and a 4.0 GPA, and that I have an IQ that exceeds 160, which was the upper test limit for the particular test I took. And yet, despite all this intellectual horsepower, I am a Christian. Hmmmm. — Todd McFarland

David Crockett H. S.: With ISIS killing Americans, you goal in life is to kill religion in pubic. What a disgusting bunch of people you are. Take on a project to PROTECT our religion for our people, not take it away. ISIS will kill you because you don’t believe in Islam. Get your priorities straight. — Bud Lake

Go away: Go away you people just can’t leave well enough alone If you don’t like it look the other way — Steve Scoots

Why don’t you do something productive with yourself: Go back to school. Learn a trade. Or go into real public service and serve. But mind your own fucking business. Assholes. — Jeff Nelson

Hondo sign: Stay out of Hondo, your not welcomed here at all. We love our sign and will fight tooth and nail to keep it, even if we have to surround our sign and send off anyone trying to take it down. I don’t care what you think, period. I don’t like or respect you or your opinion and I was born to fight, I like the taste of blood in my mouth. So bring it on, you’ll get your welcome to Hondo. Keep your sloppy unasked for bad breathed liberal opinions to your self. Your not even from Texas, your a bunch of cheese heads from wimpy Wisconsin, stay there. They say everything is bigger in Texas. I say everything is meaner in Texas, so please by all means, come on down. — Joel Rios

Removing Decals From Police Vehicles: You people are so wrong, may you see the light soon before you damn this country beyond repair! In Jesus Name I claim Victory. Amen — Jackie Warren

FFRF: Before you utter your next 1st amendment defense of your actions, why don’t you read it. You just might learn something. Here’s a hint. The first amendment is not a freedom from religion. It is the establishment for the freedom of religion. Sort of the opposite of your claim. The Bill of Rights is a wonderful document. You should read it sometime. I personally highly recommend it. — Sean Hargetts

Crosses: Hi assholes, You slimy fucking scum of the earth need to go to hell. You bastardly pricks are trying to ruin our country, Someday you will meet your maker. Fuck you slimy cunts — Mike Pahl

Chase you out of the country: You are not worth defending militarily. Why don’ t you move to China or Iran , then you wouldn’t have to worry about crosses! — Bonnie Luedtke

Baptist church: I informed the local church that i am about to join your fine organization so i can be around other dumb fuck fags that are also mentally retarded. — Rob Long, Texas

God’s country: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NO MORE! If you don’t like it LEAVE! Our country is founded by Godly people. If you don’t like please LEAVE!!!!!!!! Go away. There are plenty of other places that don’t worship God. Gooooooo there! — Pat Granger

Hondo, Texas: I do not tell you how to practice your religion (or lack of), so please do not tell us TEXANS to take GOD out of ours. I thinkg GOD belongs in eeryones life and you may call GOD by any name you desire. Buddah, Mohammed, God, etc., I dont care, but leave us alone!!! the reason this country is in the shit hole it is, is due to people and orgsnizations like yours, trying to remove God. If you don’t believe in him, then fine, I can’t change you, but don’t expect me to change for you!! AND NO I DO NOT WANT TO BE A MEMBER OF YOUR ORGANIZATION BECAUSE GOD IS IN MY LIFE AND I DO BELIEVE IN HIM. — Kathie Graustein

Thank you: Hey why don’t you losers get a life and stop trying to ruin what made America great to begin with. Funny thing; back when we still allowed God in our country or country was feared. Back then even those that dared to attack us came back with comments like I fear we have awoken a sleeping giant. Now after folks like you and your organization have become involved we have terror attack left and right, idiots blowing up kids, and a country that is a laughing stock across the world. Why don’t you all just shove your heads back up your butts where they belong and go jump off a bridge. somewhere? This country doesn’t need you. GO AWAY YOU HYPOCRITES AND THANK YOU FOR RUINING OUR COUNTRY!!! — Carl Brown

your views: You are the scum of the earth…nothing your organization does means a damn thing to intelligent people…you are disgusting but I’m sure you already know that…get a life or a job for CHRIST sakes!! — Bobby Risinger

Sign: I’m so sick and tired of you liberal right wing psychos trying to change the way of our lives. We people in this country and my great state of TEXAS, will not give in to your demands or your feelings. I be damned I’ll give you what you want just to satisfy your needs. Go after the president about letting these Muslims and terrorist in this country trying to destroy our way of life. If your so hell bent about religion stand up about that. You all are such Hippocrates and just want people to give in to something that is so minor. If y’all don’t back off I will file a lawsuit and will not let up on that. I’m a Christian and no what is right and wrong. People are so sensitive about anything. Well not me.. Call me and come face me face to face. Stay the HELL out of my state. — Shane Place

ellington: what a bunch of bullshit, your 23,500 people can all kiss my ass. you know whats wrong with our country today our government letting this kind of bullshit happen. — Barry Crocker

Our atheistic beliefs have no place in America nor do you have any right to impose them on me or my family: I suggest you take your organization to Syria and explain your beliefs face to face with ISIS where I am sure you will be greeted warmly . Explain to them your complete separation of church and state . Once you are successful there and all of ISIS embraces your beliefs then come back here to preach your unethical propaganda. — Tony Moherek

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