Friendly Neighborhood Atheist CD

Two CD Set. Contemporary, original, and historic freethought music performed by Dan Barker. Many of these songs have been played on the radio across the country, including a recent Saturday "Weekend Edition" hosted by Scott Simon on National Public Radio.

CD #1
1) Battle of Church & State by Dan Barker
2) Freedom From Religion by Dan Barker
3) Die Gedanken Sind Frei, freethought ballad
4) Friendly Neighborhood Atheist by Dan Barker
5) Sunday Morning Blues by Dan Barker
6) Vatican Rag by Tom Lehrer
7) Stay Away Pope Polka by Dan Barker
8) The World Is My Country by Dan Barker, based on Thomas Paine (video clip)
9) God's Grandeur by Philip Appleman & Dan Barker
10) Bread & Roses by Mimi Farina & James Oppenheimer
11) I Don't Need Jesus by Dan Barker
12) Preacher & The Slave by Joe Hill
13) Blood Brothers by Dan Barker
14) Freethinker Blues by Dan Barker
15) Reincarnation by Wallace D. Macrae & Dan Barker
16) Declaration of the Free by Robert Ingersoll & Dan Barker
17) Love by Robert Ingersoll and Dan Barker

CD #2
1) You Can't Win With Original Sin by Dan Barker
2) We, The People by Dan Barker
3) Just Say "NO" To Religion by Dan Barker
4) Nothing Fails Like Prayer by Dan Barker
5) Lucifer's Lament by Dan Barker
6) Life Is Good! by Dan Barker
7) "FFRF" by Ruth Green & Dan Barker
8) No Gods, No Masters by Dan Barker
9) The World's Need by Ella Wheeler Wilcox Dan Barker
10) The Time To Be Happy Is Now by Dan Barker, based on Ingersoll
11) The Trinity by Robert Ingersoll and Dan Barker
12) Promise of Dawn by Juanice Charmaine & Dan Barker
13) Vicar of Bray, English ballad
14) Higher Mind by Dan Barker
15) No Hurry To Die by Dan Barker
16) Solstice Tribute by Dan Barker
17) Benediction by Sherry Matulis & Dan Barker

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