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God: The Most Unpleasant Character in All Fiction Paperback

By: Dan Barker

Foreword by Richard Dawkins English ethologist,...

Sales price without tax: $16.00

Leaving the Witness

By: Amber Scorah

Sales price without tax: $28.00

Godless Citizens In A Godly Republic Paperback

By: R. Laurence Moore and Issac Kramnick

Sales price without tax: $16.00

The Family

By: Sharlet Jeff

By: Jeff Sharlet

Sales price without tax: $18.00

Born Again Skeptic’s Guide To the Bible

By: Ruth Hurmence Green

Our Bestseller — more than 10,000 copies...

Sales price without tax: $7.50

The Age Of Reason

By: Thomas Paine

"Of all the tyrannies that affect mankind, tyranny in...

Sales price without tax: $9.00

Man Made God

By: Barbara Walker

Man Made God comprises a series of fascinating articles...

Sales price without tax: $24.00

The Case Against the Supreme Court

By: Erwin Chemerinsky

"Almost forty years ago, I decided to go to law school...

Sales price without tax: $30.00

God vs. the Gavel

By: Marci A Hamilton

Revised Second Edition Clergy sex abuse, polygamy,...

Sales price without tax: $25.00


By: Susan Jacoby

Susan Jacoby is an FFRF Honorary Director.

Sales price without tax: $19.00

American Infidel: Robert G. Ingersoll

By: Orvin Larson

Warmly told biography of Robert Green Ingersoll...

Sales price without tax: $10.00

The Lord Was Not On Trial - Sale!

By: Dan McCollum

"Separation of church and state, one of the most important...

Sales price without tax: $10.00

By These Hands

By: Anthony B. Pinn (Editor)

The Black church is often praised for its contribution to...

Sales price without tax: $30.00

Ellery’s Protest

By: Stephen D. Solomon

Great legal decisions often result from the heroic actions...

Sales price without tax: $32.00

Maybe Right, Maybe Wrong

By: Dan Barker

Maybe Right, Maybe Wrong affirms a child's ability to...

Sales price without tax: $9.00

Losing Faith In Faith

By: Dan Barker

After 19 years of evangelical preaching, missionizing,...

Sales price without tax: $10.00

The Good Atheist

By: Dan Barker

For a Christian, it is faith that gives their life...

Sales price without tax: $15.00

A Manual for Creating Atheists

By: Peter Boghossian

For thousands of years, the faithful have honed...

Sales price without tax: $15.00

Lead Us Not Into Penn Station

By: Anne Nicol Gaylor

This handy publication with photographs throughout...

Sales price without tax: $5.00

Women Without Superstition

By: Annie Laurie Gaylor (Editor)

The Collected Writings of Women Freethinkers of the...

Sales price without tax: $12.50

The End of Faith

By: Sam Harris

In ​The End of Faith​, Sam Harris delivers a startling...

Sales price without tax: $15.00

The Atheist’s Bible

By: Joan Konner (Editor)

"All thinking men are atheists," Ernest Hemingway famously...

Sales price without tax: $20.00

Why I Am Not a Christian

By: Bertrand Russell

“Devastating in its use of cold logic,” (The Independent),...

Sales price without tax: $16.00

Atheism: The Case Against God

By: George H. Smith

New Edition with Foreword by Lawrence M. Krauss "Does a...

Sales price without tax: $18.00

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