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How Phone-2-Action (P2A) works — it’s easy! (For individuals who like to utilize text messaging)

Phone2Action (P2A) is a grassroots advocacy tool for your smartphone that allows you to automatically connect with your representatives to lobby on legislation. (This is a strategy for those of you who like to text message. FFRF offers the alternative of receiving lobbying information via email.) Whatever method you choose, we appreciate your dedication to lobby to preserving the the constitutional principle of separation between state and church!

To start receiving periodic action alerts, take out your smartphone and text “FFRF” to 52886. Simply enter the numbers 52886 in the messaging app of your smartphone (where it says “To”), then type FFRF in the comment field.

After you text FFRF to 52886, you’ll receive a response with a link welcoming you to our Phone2Action page.

Once you follow the link to the P2A website, you’ll be asked for your mailing address. This information allows the system to connect you with the correct representatives in your area. (Because of our gerrymandered congressional districts, we need your entire address to properly isolate your representatives.) FFRF will keep your contact information confidential (not selling, trading, or otherwise divulging it).

When the time comes for you to act, we’ll reach out. If an issue arises and you live in the district we need to target, you will receive a text message alerting you to our campaign. You can follow the link, read up on the issue at hand, and use or adapt the provided talking points to contact your representatives in just a few simple steps. We won’t overwhelm you with texts; we’ll contact you when it’s really important.

Here is our P2A Action Center: