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%250 %America/Chicago, %1980

James Hutton

“The past history of our globe must be explained by what can be seen to be happening now. No powers are to be employed that are not natural to the globe, no action to be admitted except those of which we know the principle.”

%250 %America/Chicago, %1980

George Will

George Will: I'm a heathen.
Stephen Colbert: Are you an atheist?
Will: I'm not decisive enough to be an atheist.
Colbert: You're agnostic?
Will: Yes.

%250 %America/Chicago, %1980

Trey Parker

Xeni Jardin: Are you afraid, if the network allows you to unveil the Prophet Muhammad, you will be bombed?

Trey Parker: We'd be so hypocritical against our own thoughts if we said, ok, well let's not make fun of them [Muslims], because they might hurt us, like, that's messed up to have that kind of a thought process. OK, we'll rip on the Catholics because they won't hurt us, but we won't rip on them because they might hurt us.

%250 %America/Chicago, %1980

Matt Stone

We’re essentially atheists — I mean, I am; Trey I don't want to speak for. But coming from that point of view, we’re atheists who don’t hate religion, who are kind of fascinated by it and kind of admire it. [We thought], What would that look like? What would an atheist love letter to religion look like?

%250 %America/Chicago, %1980

Ira Cardiff

“What would Christ do about syphilis? Well, what should he do? Christ, being possessed of miraculous powers, why does he not obliterate syphilis from the face of the earth? Does Spirochaeta pallida, the organism causing syphilis, perform any useful function in the economy of nature? If not, why not obliterate it? Who is better equipped to do this than Jesus Christ?”

%250 %America/Chicago, %1980

Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice!

%250 %America/Chicago, %1980

Pär Lagerkvist

“If you believe in god and no god exists
then your belief is an even greater wonder.
Then it is really something inconceivably great.

Why should a being lie down there in the darkness crying to someone who does not exist?
Why should that be?
There is no one who hears when someone cries in the darkness. But why does that cry exist?”

%250 %America/Chicago, %1980

Hugh Laurie

James Lipton: Do you share House's skepticism?

Hugh Laurie: [laughing] I do. Big chunks of it, yes. I'm not a religious man. Again, I think this is connected to my father. My father was religious oddly enough, but I nonetheless I suppose was impressed by [and] enamored of his devotion to medical science. I find I am a fan of science. I believe in science. A humility before the facts. I find that a moving and beautiful thing. And belief in the unknown I find less interesting. I find the known and the knowable interesting enough.

%250 %America/Chicago, %1980

Joy Behar

"I'm pathetically pragmatic. . . . I don't believe that there's a higher power that created human beings."

%250 %America/Chicago, %1980

E. O. Wilson

“If someone could actually prove scientifically that there is such a thing as a supernatural force, it would be one of the greatest discoveries in the history of science. So the notion that somehow scientists are resisting it is ludicrous.”

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