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%250 %America/Chicago, %1980

Phillip Adams

“When I was five, I discovered I couldn't believe in god . . . She never answered my calls! My father was a professional god-botherer, my grandparents were Christians, I was surrounded by standard outer suburban Christianity . . . I wanted to believe, but I just couldn't — I found the whole idea redundant.”

Published in Freethought of the Day
%250 %America/Chicago, %1980

Pablo Neruda

Religion in the East

There in Rangoon I realized that the gods
were enemies, just like God,
of the poor human being.
in alabaster extended
like white whales,
gods gilded like spikes,
serpent gods entwining
the crime of being born,
naked and elegant buddhas
smiling at the cocktail party
of empty eternity
like Christ on his horrible cross,
all of them capable of anything,
of imposing on us their heaven,
all with torture or pistol
to purchase piety or burn our blood,
fierce gods made by men
to conceal their cowardice,
and there it was all like that,
the whole earth reeking of heaven,
and heavenly merchandise.

Published in Freethought of the Day
%250 %America/Chicago, %1980

Henry David Thoreau

“Your church is a baby-house made of blocks.”

Published in Freethought of the Day

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