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Sharing the Hate Mail

Back by popular demand is a sampling of religious emails recently received by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Spelling and grammar, as you shall see, has not been corrected, although some emails have been excerpted for tedium and redundancy. From: "Matthew Mull"
Date: 11 Sep 2003 20:55:31 -0400
You are part of the reason young men and women that serve our country have died. And apart of the reason many more will and finally you are apart of the reason 9-11 happened. From: "Seth S Cronson"
Subject: Dear Anne
I am so pleased to have read about your protest to 'Praying in the Capitol,' in the Chnl 3000 website. I promise you that I will made a considerable effort to pray for your salvation. 
You are only going to prove how far Satan has gone to pollute the minds of God's children. (us) You can be guaranteed a place right beside the Father Of Lies in his eternal lake of fire. God Bless and much love.
Johanna Milleur, Child Of Christ From: Curt Blank
Subject: La Crosse's Monument
I'm not a church go'er by any stretch of the term, but I have one thing to say to all of you:
It's really sad that an Organization like yours has to tarnish my home State in the news. Curt Blank Subject: La Crosse Ten Commandments
From: spanky
I went to school when school prayer was done everyday and the Pledge of Allegiance and yet today I am still able to dessent if I so chose to do that. From: "John Ewers"
Subject: Congratulations! 
Congratulations on your victory for the 10 commandments marker in La Crosse, WI recently. Then again, the court you "won" the lawsuit in would also be an abomination to you as it was founded on christian values! 
You should keep your big mouth shut, keep your narrow views to yourself, take some diversity classes so you can appreciate the opposite view of your own, and return to a church of some sort. You could definately use some help from MY GOD! But congratulations just the same. From: "Patrick S. McCague"
Subject: your SICK
YOU are one sick person. Christian, Catholic, and proud of it. From: Gabe & Maria
Subject: Annie Laurie Gaylor - You are quoted as making the following statement:
"The rulings are now mostly against the Ten Commandments. The tide has turned," says Annie Laurie Gaylor of the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison, Wis." 
Against the Ten Commandments? And who do you think they cam from? You shallow person you. You have no clue whom you are dealing with. I pray He will understand that you are not an evil person at heartÉ.just a bitÉquite a bit misguided, and He shall take your blindness into account when judging you. . . . Gabriel Espinosa From: "Pat Hughes"
Subject: Newsflash
I am sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your organization is the cornerstone for communism that has become rampant in this country and the complete moral deterioration of all that is descent about my Country. America is obviously not your homeland, so get the hell of of it. You are a group of cowards who seek to do the devils work here on earth. 
There will always be those of us who have taken an oath to support and defend this Nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. (Guess which category you are in). 
GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: burn in Hell you fuckers
i can't wait til you clueless dumbasses die and go to Hell........YOU are what's wrong with this country......fuck you........if you don't like it here, go somewhere fuckers.....i can only hope i come across one of you bastards..........there, how do you like my free fuckers Subject: freeedom from religion
From: "bentay"
I KNOW that the devil is at hand with your organization and I truly pitty you when you end up in HELL for eternity. Hats off to the Free Thinker of the year, does he not realize that when we seperate church and state our children and country are in grave danger. This country was founded on Christianity and we have become a society of hippocritical, servents of SATAN. From: douglass k arnold
Go to church and get your site off the Internet thanks From: "Cora Smallman" 
It is your kind that has drug this nation down to the gutter where it is now. Expect retaliation in the court system for your "In God we Trust" trial, and others. Subject: MYOB
From: Joel T Smith
Hey chick, just a note from an Okie concerning your sticking your nose into business that doesn't concern you. I am talking about your involvement about the cross on state property on the fairgrounds in OKC.
You guys are a joke and your actions push those of us who are middle of the roaders to embrace the other side. In short, you suck and FUCK OFF! Disrespectfully, Joel T Smith Subject: WARNING
From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Organization: Mt. Pleasant Public Schools
Watch out for Carnivore, the FBI is watching You and the US is not happy! Subject: Leave God alone
From: "Chris Anderson"
Why must you pick on organizations that want to give their employees off on Good Friday? It should not be up to you to make sure there is NO religion in our state agencies.
This country is not based on freedom FROM religion, it's based on FREEDOM OF RELIGION. Every citizen should be entitled to have Good Friday off, if that is their religious belief, and offices should be allowed to close. A PROUD CHRISTIAN, Chris Anderson

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