Board of Directors

Chair: Pat Cleveland
Vice Chair: Hal Webre
Secretary: Laurie Webre
Historian: Alice Cleveland

The Alabama Freethought Association, Inc.

Roger Cleveland began his pursuit to find other freethinkers in Alabama and the rest of the South in August of 1988. Eventually, Roger communicated with Dan Barker, Public Relations Director of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. With Dan's help, Roger was able to contact other southern freethinkers and began to form what is now the Alabama Freethought Association, Inc..

The first meeting of the founding group was in February, 1989. In March, 1989, a formal meeting was held in Birmingham with freethinkers from all reaches of the state of Alabama. In June, 1989, the group was recognized as a chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The new chapter elected officers and formed its bylaws, deciding not to charge membership dues but instead to be supported by individual contributions.

The chapter has sponsored media appearances of its director and other officers. It has purchased advertisements in newspapers in Alabama to gain publicity and because of members' activism, the Alabama Freethought Association, Inc. has gained state and national attention.

On July 1, 1991, the Lake Hypatia Freethought Advance opened, providing a place to gather and enjoy nature for freethinkers across the country. Read more about the advance here.

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