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Take action! Ask Vt. House committee to make menstrual products tax-exempt

Please contact Vermont’s House Committee on Ways and Means to urge support for S 53, a bill that would make menstrual products, such as tampons and pads, tax-exempt.

The committee is meeting on Tuesday at noon, so please take the time to get in touch with committee members before then.

Menstrual products in Vermont and across the country are currently labeled as “luxury goods,” thus enabling the taxation of menstrual products as nonessential items. This is demonstrably untrue.

Major religions across the world contribute to the culture of shame and health inequality by treating menstruation as a taboo topic. Texts and rituals from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism describe menstruation as impure and that women who are menstruating should be avoided, asserting that women cannot enter temples or their kitchens. They further contend that women should sleep during the day, speak softly, not touch others, and receive special blessings at the culmination of their period.

Please spare a moment to urge the committee to pass S 53 to make menstrual products tax-exempt.

Talking Points

Please vote to pass S 53 to make menstrual products tax-exempt.

Making menstrual products tax-free is an important step toward destigmatizing menstruation and pushing back against religious shame. These products are essential items and should be treated that way. Thank you for your time.