Action Alert

SOS! Last chance to oppose domestic gag rule, act NOW!


This is your last chance to take action against the latest Trump-Pence administration attack on reproductive and sexual health care!

Midnight is the deadline on the 60-day public comment window for a new anti-woman gag rule. The rule would block millions of people from reproductive health care services, such as access to birth control, from providers such as Planned Parenthood. If you have not already taken action, please do so before midnight tonight.


This proposal contains restrictions that threaten access to family planning. It would also prevent any health clinic or service provider that receives Title X funding from providing any information to patients about abortion, including referrals. As we’ve said before, the Christian Right has always been the primary opposition to women’s right to abortion. If this rule goes into effect, the government would restrict doctors from providing comprehensive and factual health care information to patients, and the blow would be felt the most by uninsured individuals with low income, and disproportionately by women of color.

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