Action Alert

Take action to stop Trump-Pence attack on reproductive care!

The Trump-Pence administration has proposed a rule that attempts to take away American women’s fundamental rights. We need you to help us stop it!

If you remember, one of the first acts of the White House was reinstating and expanding a global gag rule, blanning overseas groups from receiving global health funding from the U.S if they mentioned any service related to abortion care. Now the administration is attempting to bring this terrible policy home to the detriment of American women’s health.


A “gag rule” proposed this May imposes new abortion restrictions on Title X — the nation’s federally funded program for affordable birth control and reproductive care, which serves 4 million people. The new rule would gut Title X funding from any organization that provides women with or refers them for abortions, prohibiting medical providers across the country from being able to advise or refer patients for safe, legal abortion care.

The proposal takes direct aim at Planned Parenthood, which serves 41 percent of patients who get care through Title X. Other health care providers have made it clear that they will not be able to make up the difference if Planned Parenthood was barred from serving those patients. Ultimately, this would leave many without access to birth control, cancer screenings, STD testing and treatment and basic women’s health exams. Furthermore, the rule would destroy the relationship between patients and doctors by allowing health care professionals to withhold accurate and timely information on an extremely time-sensitive issue.

Please tell the Department of Health and Human Services White that everyone should receive the best reproductive care and information available.

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