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Help us stop anti-gay adoption and foster care scheme!

The House of Representatives will soon consider a bill that would allow religious-based discrimination in adoption and foster care, and we need your help to stop it!

The provision, offered by Rep. Robert Aderholt, R-Ala., is an amendment to a much larger funding bill. It would allow child welfare service providers across the country to exclude all LGBTQ individuals as potential adoptive or foster parents, so long as they claim that the discrimination is based on a “sincerely held religious belief” or “moral conviction.” The funding bill, with the Aderhold amendment, already passed the House Appropriations Committee and will soon be considered by the entire U.S. House. 

Please use our automated system to contact your federal representative and ask them to oppose any version of the funding bill that includes the Aderhold amendment.


We have seen theocratic lawmakers in multiple states push for similar provisions, but this amendment would apply to every child welfare organization in the country. We need to put pressure on lawmakers to oppose this shameful discrimination.

Potential discriminatory acts approved by the Aderholt amendment include denial of foster care or adoption opportunities to LGBTQ families, single mothers, atheists or any other group marginalized by the religious organization. This bill would allow a religious child welfare organization to use discriminatory assistance or counseling practices — to the detriment of abused LGBTQ children.

The health and care of a child should be the only factor that a child welfare agency and its employees take into consideration — not the bigoted agendas of state contractors promoting dogma at the expense of children in need.

Learn more about this anti-LGBTQ scheme here.

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