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Urge Brown County Board to drop prayer

Tell Brown County to put the kibosh on religious ritual!

The county supervisors are reportedly considering whether to replace the prayer that opens every board meeting with a “moment of reflection.” Please take action today to help keep Brown County secular by contacting county supervisors and encouraging them to make this change.

In 2012, FFRF complained about the overtly Christian prayers that open every County Board meetings, explaining that the prayers impermisibly advance Christianity and alienate non-Christians and nonbelievers. After six years, the board is finally on the brink of listening to FFRF’s advice.

FFRF has also been victorious in ending prayer in neighboring governments – the County Board in Eau Claire, Wis., voted 23-4, to stop invocations prior to their meetings on May 3, 2011, and the City Council of Ashland, Wis., followed suit on Jan. 10.


Brown County needs to hear from you! Please send a message to the Brown County Board and let them know that you support the proposal to replace the prayer with a moment of reflection.


Please feel free to use the talking points below in your message to the board.

As a Brown County resident, I urge you to adopt the proposal to replace the prayer that opens every board meeting with a moment of reflection.

The current prayers are not only religious, but also specifically Christian. They send a message to non-Christians in Brown County that they are political outsiders in their own community. Board members and audience members have plenty of time to pray on their own before board meetings. There is no legitimate secular reason to open board meetings with a formal Christian prayer.

I was very pleased to see that the board is considering replacing the prayer with a moment of reflection. This would offend no one and would put a stop to the exclusionary message the board has been sending through its prayers. Please support this proposal.

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