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Tell Arizona Department of Education to undo its anti-evolution action

Take action to protect fact-based science education in Arizona!

The Arizona Department of Education has altered the state’s proposed science standards to de-emphasize evolution, apparently catering to creationists whose religious beliefs conflict with modern science. The department is accepting comments on this change for a brief time. Please take a moment to let them know that state science standards should not bend to accommodate anti-scientific religious beliefs.

To submit comments on these changes, follow the link below and click on the red “DRAFT Science Standards Survey” button.

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The Department of Education’s changes to the draft science standards disappointingly appear to weaken the standards’ emphasis on evolution as the bedrock of biological science. The theory of evolution is as central to modern biology as the germ theory is to modern medicine. Arizona public school science classes should help the state’s youth overcome ignorant anti-science beliefs, not cater to them.

The changes that the Department of Education made to pages 4, 42, 43 and 69 of the draft science standards regarding the teaching of evolution apparently seek to either avoid the word “evolution” altogether, or to suggest that it is not a scientific fact — which it is. Education in public schools should reflect truth and not cater to religious ideologies. Please reverse these changes.

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