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Help oppose another harmful South Carolina proposal

Last week, we asked you to take action to oppose a discriminatory provision that was quietly slipped into South Carolina’s huge “must-pass” appropriations bill, H4950. We would like to thank every single one of you that took action on that issue.

Another troubling bill has also made its way into the same appropriations bill. Please take a moment to reach out to the members of the conference committee and urge them to remove this provision as well.

Section 11.21 of the appropriations bill would give universities guidelines for defining anti-Semitism, but it goes much too far. FFRF opposes anti-Semitism and recognizes that it is on the rise today. However, this bill would would lead to unconstitutional censorship that both privileges religion and tramples free speech. Importantly, the bill will also dilute legitimate efforts to combat anti-Semitism. Please use our automated system to ask the conference committee members to remove the problematic provision.

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