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Encourage NJ lawmakers to pass pro-vaccination bill

Please take action to get a sensible medical bill passed in your state.

The New Jersey Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee has advanced A3818, a commendable bill that would limit religious exemptions to school-required vaccinations. Religious anti-vaxxers turned the committee meeting into a shout-fest, but fortunately the committee voted to advance the bill anyway. The opposition to this common sense bill is very strong, so it needs your help to pass. Please contact your representative in the Assembly using our automated system and urge them to support this bill.


Contrary to the understanding of many of the bill’s vocal opponents, A3818 does not eliminate religious exemptions to vaccinations. People with genuine religious objections would still be able to receive exemptions, but they would have to submit notarized paperwork detailing the nature of their religious belief that “is implicated by the vaccination and how administration of the vaccine would violate, contradict, or otherwise be inconsistent with that tenet or practice.”

Currently, parents in New Jersey can forego vaccinating their children simply by stating that they are religiously opposed to vaccinations. More than 10,000 students — about 2 percent — did so last year. Besides risking the health of their own children, this also jeopardizes the “herd immunity” that students who cannot receive vaccinations for health reasons rely on.

A3818 would protect New Jersey children from the superstitions and pseudo-scientific beliefs. Please reach out to your state representative today and encourage them to follow the Health and Senior Services Committee’s example by supporting A3818 despite its loud opponents.

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