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Keep prayer out of Louisiana schools!

Please urge a Louisiana committee to oppose teacher prayer bill

The Louisiana Senate disgracefully passed SB 253, a bill that purports to allow public school teachers to pray with their students during the school day. This bill is unconstitutional and would encourage teachers to show their students that they prefer and endorse Christianity, ostracizing non-Christian students. The bill is now before the House Committee on Education, which has the ability to stop it. Please contact them and urge them to oppose SB 253.


The near entirety of SB 253 states that, “Any school employee may attend and participate in the gathering at any time during the day, provided such participation does not interfere with the employee’s prescribed work duties.” This directly conflicts with multiple Supreme Court decisions striking down school-sponsored prayer at public schools. SB 253 does not have the power to overrule the U.S. Constitution.

SB 253 would embolden public school teachers who are in the Christian majority to use their position as a government employee to promote their personal religion. This would have two toxic effects. First, it would lead to school districts being sued, and losing, at significant taxpayer expense. Second, it would signal to non-Christian students that they are outsiders in their own school.

SB 253 is a pointless bill that would not expand teachers’ rights and would invite costly lawsuits. Please use our automated system to reach out to members of the House Committee on Education and urge them to oppose SB 253.

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