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Tell Illinois lawmakers to protect students at religious schools

Please take action to protect your state’s education!

This Thursday, the Illinois Assembly Higher Education Committee will hold a hearing on House Bill 5067, which would exempt private religious schools from state education requirements. Please take action TODAY, with the help of our automated system, to urge the members of this committee to oppose HB 5067.


Under a voucher-like scheme passed last September, Illinois taxpayers will now be required to fund private religious schools at the expense of public schools. HB 5067 would allow these private religious schools to take millions in taxpayer dollars without any state oversight. 

Besides forcing taxpayers to fund religious education, this also fails students at these religious schools, who would have no guarantee that they will receive a quality education. Please contact the members of the Higher Education Committee, before the Thursday hearing, and tell them your thoughts on this bill.

Learn more about this bill.  

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