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Act to support New Jersey’s “Death with Dignity” bill

Tell New Jersey state senators to grant residents living with terminal illnesses the right to die in a humane and peaceful manner.

The New Jersey General Assembly is currently considering A 1504, a so-called “Death with Dignity” or “Aid in Dying” bill, allowing physicians to prescribe such medication for suffering terminal patients with less than six months to live. The bill already passed out of an assembly committee, and now the entire assembly has the chance to pass this bill - which, in the past, was doomed to failure because Chris Christie, the previous governor, was sure to veto it. Gov. Phil Murphy is more likely to sign the bill.

Please take action. Ask your state representative to vote for New Jersey’s Death with Dignity bill.

Opposition to Death with Dignity bills stems primarily from Christian organizations and lawmakers, attempting to bend states’ medical policies to fit their theological interpretations of what is moral and ethical. New Jersey’s bill is no exception. Local media reports that religious leaders opposed the bill at its committee hearing last week, arguing that this is a “soul issue” because “humans did not create life.” Their religion should not dictate public policy.

At the same committee hearing, one brave supporter of the bill testified about her adult son’s needlessly painful death four years ago. In response to the bill’s religious opposition, she succinctly explained that “we are supposed to have a country free from religious [strictures].”

This bill would provide citizens suffering from terminal disease the right to make a decision based on their own beliefs, values and experiences, rather than imposing religious sensibilities on them. As FFRF co-founder Anne Nicol Gaylor wrote, “Prolonging dying is a religious idea. Those who wish to die painlessly, at an appointed time, should have that right.”

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Please feel free to cut and paste the talking points we've provided below in a message to your representative.

As a resident of New Jersey, I urge you to support A 1504 to grant terminally ill New Jerseyans the right to choose when and how to end their lives.

There are two main objections to “Aid in Dying” bills like A 1504. The first is a concern that the law will be used to coerce terminally ill or mentally incompetent patients to end their lives. Bill A 1504 has provisions to ensure that this does not happen, and this concern has not come to bear in states that have passed similar laws.

The other typical objection to Aid in Dying bills is religious in nature, which argues something along the lines of “only God can decide when someone dies.” This is an improper justification to impose on other people. As one supporter pointed out in her testimony at the bill’s committee hearing last week, we are supposed to have a country free from religious strictures.

Please support A 1504, the “Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act.”

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