Action Alert

Act TODAY to support Hawaii’s “Death with Dignity” bill

Tell Hawaii senators to grant the right of state residents living with terminal illnesses to die in a humane and peaceful manner.

The Hawaii House of Representatives recently passed HB 2739, which is a so-called “Death with Dignity” or “Aid in Dying” bill, allowing physicians to prescribe such medication for suffering terminal patients with less than six months to live. The Senate “CPH” (Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Health) Committee has a hearing on HB 2739 tomorrow, March 16, at 8:30 a.m.

Please take action. Ask senators on the CPH Committee to support Hawaii’s Death with Dignity bill at tomorrow’s hearing.

Send a message to the committee.

Opposition to Death with Dignity bills stems primarily from Christian organizations and lawmakers, attempting to bend states’ medical policies to fit their theological interpretations of what is moral and ethical.

HB 2739 would provide citizens suffering from terminal disease the right to make a decision based on their own beliefs, values and experiences, rather than imposing on them religious sensibilities. As FFRF co-founder Anne Nicol Gaylor wrote, “Prolonging dying is a religious idea. Those who wish to die painlessly, at an appointed time, should have that right.”

Learn more about this bill. 

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