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Ask Alabama House to halt Ten Commandments amendment

Take action to protest a theocratic attempt to promote Christianity on behalf of the state government.

The Alabama Legislature is trying to amend the state Constitution to install Ten Commandments monuments on public property. Senate Bill 181 has already passed the state Senate and multiple committees. Please make your voice heard by asking the state House to kill this bill.

Disgraced Alabama state chief justice and failed U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore was originally removed from his position as the state’s top judge due to his obsession with maintaining unconstitutional Ten Commandments monuments in his courtroom, and elsewhere on government property. SB 181 would give Moore what he has been fighting for — and it will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The good news is that this constitutional amendment will only appear on Alabama ballots this year if 60 percent of the House of Representatives pass SB 181. Please help us by urging your local representative to be among the 41 percent needed to kill this unconstitutional and theocratic bill. Learn more about this bill here. 


Take just a minute of your time now to contact your state representative asking him or her to reject this bill. The Senate could vote on this bill any time, so they need to hear your voice right away. You can find your official by going to this link and entering your address. 


Please feel free to cut and paste the talking points we've provided below.

As your constituent, I urge you to oppose Senate Bill 181 to install Ten Commandments monuments on public property. This is an unlawful bid to inject religion into the government structure. The bill would entangle the state justice system with religious ideologies rather than secular law. This is a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and offensive to non-Christian state residents. I urge you and the rest of the state House to please stand up for the separation of church and state by voting against SB 181.

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