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Ask Governor to veto theocratic anti-public school bill

Please call on Gov. Rick Scott to halt the advancement of religion into Florida public schools!

The Florida Senate disappointingly included the text of a theocratic bill into HB 7055, a large education bill that contains many other concerning provisions. If Scott signs this bill into law, every school board in the state will be required to place the phrase “In God We Trust” in all public schools. Even though the phrase is, disgracefully, both the national motto and the Florida state motto, there is no question of this measure’s religious intent. The sponsor of the original In God We Trust bill, state Rep. Kimberly Daniels, is a preacher with a history of using her public office to promote her personal religion. FFRF has put together a video highlighting her openly theocratic aims.

We’ve asked you to oppose Daniels’ bill at every turn, and Scott is the last person who can protect public school students’ rights of conscience.

Besides the “In God We Trust” provision, this education bill advances religion by introducing two new voucher programs aimed at defunding public schools for the benefit of private religious schools.

Please contact Rick Scott TODAY asking him to veto HB 7055 in order to keep public schools secular and well-funded. Learn more about the bill here.

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