Action Alert

Save the Johnson Amendment

Once again, the Johnson Amendment is under attack from the religious right and we need your help. Please tell Congress to protect this vital guard between church and state.

The Johnson Amendment  is the federal law that keeps all 501(c)(3)s, including churches, from endorsing political candidates. If the amendment were overturned, churches would be able to politik from the pulpit while retaining tax exemption and become unregulated super PACs. This would create a new category of “dark money” because churches are financial black holes and are not required to report annual financial returns to the IRS.

The Religious Right is launching a new effort to destroy the Johnson Amendment with the 2018 midterm elections on the horizon. The Washington Post reports that  members of Congress held hostage to the Religious Right are attempting to slip in a new provision repealing the Johnson Amendment to an appropriations bill that must pass before the end of the month. Let Congress know that this attack on church/state separation will not go unnoticed or uncontested!


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