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Kill bill halting abortion training

Please take action today to protect necessary medical training on abortion at the University of Wisconsin medical school from anti-choice theocrats!

We asked you to take action on a bill to ban UW medical school faculty and students from performing abortions or working at Planned Parenthood. That bill has now been approved by a legislative committee, clearing the way for a full Wisconsin Senate vote and we're asking you to once again vocalize your opposition.

Make no mistake, Senate Bill 154 is a part of a religiously motivated ploy to make illegal the dissemination of knowledge and training that enables women to obtain safe and legal abortions — a constitutional right.


Take action today against this outrageous anti-medicine bill by contacting Wisconsin lawmakers.

Please ask the Senate to kill the bill. The wording in the automated comment section is editable. We encourage you to add your own thoughts to personalize the message text, subject heading or signature. This will make your message more effective in swaying your legislator.

Click here to call the state Senate.

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If you know your legislator is pro-choice, be sure to thank them!

(Keep reading if you wish to learn more about this bill.)


Senate Bill 154 will make access to medically safe abortions more difficult, deliver a blow to women’s health care in the state and harm the university’s entire medical program. If the measure is passed, the UW medical school could possibly lose its accreditation.

The bill aims to erode the education of students at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health and exacerbate the shortage of qualified obstetrics and gynecology providers in Wisconsin. The only argument in favor of the bill is based on an unfounded, theocratic and anti-women belief that abortion is sinful. This bill is a religiously motivated attack on one of the state’s most desperately needed secular institutions.

“This bill is religion at its worst,” said FFRF Staff Attorney Sam Grover in his recent testimony before the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services. “It advances the Church’s agenda, with no perceivable public benefit, through a two-pronged assault on science education and women.”

Watch Grover’s testimony here. (He begins speaking at 155 minutes.)

Laws regarding what training UW medical students are given should be informed by expert, scientific views, not by theocrats pandering to the Religious Right's misinformed beliefs.


Legislative Committee OKs Bill Banning UW Abortions

UW medical school warns against bill limiting abortion training

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