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Act to defend the separation of church and state in the tax code

Ask Congress to protect the Johnson Amendment

We need your help protecting the Johnson Amendment, a provision in the tax code that bars religious establishments from endorsing or opposing political candidates.

Last month, a clause was added to a House Financial Services appropriations bill that would dilute the Johnson Amendment, making it all but impossible to enforce. The provision stops the IRS from investigating houses of worship that violate the law unless an IRS commissioner personally signs a consent to enforcement and reports the violation to Congress. Even then, the IRS must wait 90 days before making a determination against the church.

Please take action against this sneak attack against on an essential amendment upholding the wall of separation between church and state.


The House Appropriations Committee is scheduled to vote on this bill tomorrow, July 13. Please reach out to the committee chair and any representatives you may have on the committee to oppose this dangerous provision in the budget bill.

Click here to call the committee chair and representatives you may have on the committee. 

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Read more about this latest attempt to entangle the institutions of church and state here. 

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