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A school finance bill with a voucher scheme slipped within has been proposed by the state Senate Education Committee. Please take action by contacting your state senator and asking him or her to oppose this plot that could eventually devour the state's public schools.

House Bill 21 would use taxpayer money to provide funding that students with special needs could use to attend private schools by implementing so-called "education savings accounts." These are vouchers that allow parents to use public money on private school tuition and other expenses. However, the Legislature should already be providing public schools with enough money and resources to help students with special needs. Instead it's taking advantage of these students in a political ploy to satisfy voucher lobbyists.


The state Senate will likely vote on this bill early this week, so waste no time! Take action now by contacting your state senator. Let our simple automated system contact him or her for you.

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(Keep reading if you wish to learn more about HB 21.)


The Texas Senate Education Committee approved a House proposal to begin revamping the state's school finance system. The committee also posted on a provision to offer $8,300 in taxpayer funds that some special education students could use to attend private schools.

While the voucher proposal may appear modest, the foot-in-the-door tactic could lead to rapid expansion of "school choice" schemes to pump more government money into private schools, most of which are religious. This financially eviscerates the public school system by using government resources to expand private education.

Other states where vouchers began small quickly saw them expand rapidly. While taxpayers cut the checks to fund "education savings accounts," they have no say in what they are paying for and what religious proselytization their money might be used to instill. Where public money goes, public accountability should follow. Using public money to fund private education endangers both our public schools system as well as our secular republic.


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