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Keep prayer and role of mayor separate

Urge California mayors to stay out of Prayer Luncheon

Please ask mayors representing four California cities in East County to disassociate themselves from an annual upcoming Mayors' Prayer Luncheon. The civic leaders have inappropriately lent their title as mayor for this private religious event scheduled for Thursday, May 4.

Moreover, the event has scheduled a deeply offensive and polarizing individual, David Barton, to speak at the event. Barton is a Christian evangelist who deliberatly distorts American history and law. He has also made wildly insulting remarks regarding the LGBTQ community and non-Christians.

The event has been publicized as a chance to meet "mayors from four different cities" and suggests that it is a chance for religious leaders and citizens to lobby and influence local government. The Freedom From Religion Foundation has sent a letter to the mayors of El Cajon, La Mesa, Santee and Lemon Grove informing them that the mayor's office cannot allow a secular, public title to be used as part of this private, religious event. Nor can the office organize or promote the event.


Join us in urging these four East County mayors not to use their official secular titles to promote divisive beliefs and legitimize the role of religion in government.

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