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Keep Christ out of Pitman government

FFRF has recently taken issue with a "Keep Christ in Christmas" banner in Pitman, N.J. Borough officials refuse to remove the Knights of Columbus sign that was erected over a public street.

The banner stretches across Broadway, near 2nd Ave., and is strung in a spot typically used for public service announcements. (See photo of offending banner here.)

The Borough government kicked the can down the road claiming that it's a county road and banners are exempt from permitting.

Pitman's local paper, the Gloucester County Times, has printed an abundance of letters to the editor in support of the banner and only one in support of its removal.

We need your help to write a supportive of FFRF letter to the editor. Please educate the people of Pitman about the importance of keeping state and church separate. The facts may still be in dispute (that is, who's responsible for the violation), but the constitutional principle is not. Fundamental rights cannot be put to a vote. You may also touch on the message government endorsement of Christianity sends to those who are non-believers or non-Christian.


Letter to the Editor
John Barna
The Gloucester County Times
309 South Broad Street
Woodbury, NJ 08096
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