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Jessica Ahlquist needs your help! The battle over the illegal prayer banner at Cranston West High School is up for discussion tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan. 25) evening at 6 p.m. Humanists of Rhode Island expect over 100 Jessica Ahlquist and Constitution supporters to be present at tomorrow's Cranston School Committee meeting.

Among the freethinkers in attendance will be FFRF Lifetime member Dr. Ellery Schempp. Schempp won a groundbreaking First Amendment case against Abington School District at the Supreme Court, which ruled prayer and Bible reading in public schools unconstitutional. Schempp will speak to the committee on behalf of Ahlquist and Judge Lagueux's ruling.

Jessica, the brave teenager who won a federal lawsuit Jan. 11, has been bombarded by hate mail, bullying and negative attention. She has been attacked by two government officials as well as countless religious groups. FFRF was even stonewalled by four local florist shops when it tried to deliver flowers to Jessica last week. (To see FFRF's other actions on behalf of Jessica scroll to links at end.)

“The vicious reaction in Rhode Island, where it seems nearly the entire state has banded together to bully and revile one very tiny and courageous teenager, is out of bounds and out of control. The Cranston school board, by not yet accepting the judge’s ruling, is, by its inaction, egging on Jessica’s abusers and fanning the controversy. It should be over with this strong ruling,” noted FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor.

The Cranston School Committee needs to hear from you! If you live in Rhode Island or the surrounding area, please show your support and join other freethinkers at the meeting. Or write or phone members of the committee now.


You may wish to write to the Superintendent and Committee Chairperson, and if convenient, "cc" the others. (Only personal email and phone numbers of Committee members are listed by the school website.)

Cranston School Committee

*Peter Nero - Superintendent
Phone: 401-270-8000

*Andrea M. Iannazzi - Chairperson
Home Tel: 401-935-2411

Frank S. Lombardi - Clerk
Home Tel: 401-942-9774

Steven Bloom
Home Tel: 401-447-3976

Stephanie Culhane
Home Tel: 401-781-2119

Paula McFarland
Home Tel: 401-944-5802

Janice Ruggieri
Home Tel: 401-944-4832

Michael A. Traficante
Home Tel: 401-943-0026


"The Cranston School Committee has an obligation to Jessica and the community to end the acrimony and divisiveness. The Committee has a moral obligation to announce immediately that it will not appeal the Federal Court ruling, thus ending the controversy – and ensuring precious tax dollars will not be wasted by a pointless appeal it cannot win."

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Jessica Ahlquist needs your support!

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