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Mounts all-out 'war on pagans'

Walker trims holiday from tree

It's not even December yet, and the war against state/church separation has begun!

Dear FFRF Member:

Gov. Scott Walker's "momentous" announcement that he is renaming the state tree that goes up in the Capitol every December a "Christmas" tree instead of a "holiday" tree is getting a lot of media attention.  (And a lot of nasty crankmail for our office.) When Walker says "It's not a holiday tree, it's a Christmas tree," we have to smile. It's a "solstice tree," a custom that far pre-dates Christianity. This is clearly political grandstanding, but the intent is also to marginalize Wisconsin's non-Christian population.

FFRF would never sue over a tree (unless they put a cross atop it). But we are privy to how the Capitol gets taken over for the month of December for Christian-based events. Our small "winter solstice" display, scheduled to go up in December, is the lone representation of freethought at the Capitol in December and is outnumbered by numerous religious displays and concerts.

It's important that Walker hear from non-believers and non-Christians. It's also helpful if media sites hosting comment sections on this trumped-up controversy also hear from FFRF'ers who support the idea of inclusivity for all at the Capitol.

Would you take a moment to contact Gov. Walker? One story (highlighted below) from the Wisconsin State Journal has a comment section full of nasty or confused comments, so please post a comment in support of state/church separation. Also below are links to various news coverage in which media came to FFRF for comment.


Governor Walker
Office of Governor Scott Walker
115 East Capitol
Madison, WI 53702
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Wisconsin State Journal

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WKOW ABC (Madison, Wis.)
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This may also inspire you to write a letter to the editor, please do so if you feel compelled. 

Thank you for your support!

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