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Take a stand against Montana Jesus shrine


• Please take a moment to participate in U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg's "public comment for Mountain Jesus Memorial" online form. (Note: This is the Congressman whose protests caused the federal government to retract its sensible decision not to renew the lease for the shrine. This is not the U.S. Forest Service's official public comment section on this controversy, which is expected to be announced soon.) Rehberg has created a link, offensively named, which takes you to his official website and a page in which he promotes a shrine to Jesus erected by the Knights of Columbus on federal land. 

• Scroll down past his propaganda to fill out a brief form at his website. You are being given an opportunity to vote "no" against the shrine, and "yes" to authorizing him to share your comments with the U.S. Forest Department. Feel free to fill in the comment box. Your comments may be submitted to the U.S. Forest Service and obviously will be read by the Congressman's hostile staff. Therefore, as always, FFRF asks you to please be polite, brief and clearly state your opposition to religious shrines on federal lands. If you are a veteran, this is your opportunity to identify yourself as an "atheist in a foxhole" who feels excluded and affronted by the sham designation of this devotional shrine as a belated "war memorial." To follow Rehberg's movement on Twitter use: #WWIIJesus.

The Jesus Memorial movement has created a facebook page, "Save Big Mountain Jesus Statue." Make a compelling, convincing argument for the removal of the Jesus shrine on the page.

For more background, please consult FFRF's Oct. 27 news release and action alert

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