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Tell Obama to side with women, not Catholic bishops!

Dear FFRF'er:

Please contact President Barack Obama to urge him to stand firmly in favor of women's right to contraceptive health care in the face of attacks by the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops.

Our office contacted you in September asking you to chime in during the official public comment period over new rules adopted by Health and Human Services in August. Those rules require that employers offering health care cover contraception, which is preventive care, at no added cost to women.

Church employees were specifically given an exemption. But that's not enough for the Catholic bishops, who are demanding a "conscience clause" so that universities, hospitals and other institutions with even nominal religious connections would be exempted from covering contraception. Women workers who pay insurance premiums should not be penalized with high co-pays or forced to personally cover prescription contraception just because they work for a nominally religious institution. What's in charge? Our secular Constitution, or the Vatican?

See Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor's blog, "Vatican rules over health care?" for more background. 


Sample statement (feel free to copy, or better yet, use your own words):

Ensure American women's right to preventive contraceptive care. Retain the rules released in August by HHS in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Do not exempt religion-related universities and hospitals from new guidelines requiring contraceptive insurance at no added cost to insured women. Allowing providers to deny coverage based on a personal religious belief is unconscionable. The matter of whether or not to utilize family planning options is a private decision for individuals – not employers, pastors or priests.


E-mail President Barack Obama (contact form):

Comment by phone: 202-456-1111

Or write:
The White House
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