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FFRF nativity scene complaint in the news

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The Freedom From Religion Foundation is perplexed over recent action taken by Ellwood City Mayor Anthony Court.

Last December FFRF wrote to Ellwood City asking it to remove a nativity scene from government property. In response, the city on Friday erected its manger scene, adding a snowman, Kwanzaa sign, Hanukkah poster, etc. Mayor Court openly invited FFRF to place its own display among the Borough's other holiday exhibits.

Several letters later, FFRF has mailed its Winter Solstice banner to Ellwood City. To FFRF's chagrin, the mayor declared that the banner will not go up due to its godless message.

Please see the many news stories and TV coverage generated. A thousand "creche supporters" showed up Friday basically agreeing with the Ellwood mayor that their city is "Christian."

Ellwood City Borough Council is set to make a decision about the banner on Dec. 12.

Please send a compelling message to the Borough Manager and Mayor asking them to honor the mayor's invitation and post FFRF's Winter Solstice banner.


Dom Viccari
Borough Manger
Borough of Ellwood City
525 Lawrence Ave.
Ellwood City, PA 16117
Phone: 724-758-7777
Fax: 724-758-3091

cc: Mayor Anthony Court
Borough of Ellwood City
525 Lawrence Ave.
Ellwood City, PA 16117
Phone: 724-758-7777 ext. 17
Fax: 724-758-3091


It would be helpful to send a short letter to the editor if you live in the Ellwood City area.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


FFRF has been receiving a lot of news coverage. Keep in mind, any mention of FFRF protesters was part of a rumor started by a local paper. It's also helpful to post pro-state/church separation comments at online news sources. The articles permitting comments are asterisked.

*Fox News National

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

*Beaver County Times


*CBS Pittsburgh


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