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State Senate votes Tuesday, March 18

STOP ‘In God We Trust’ registration plates

Dear Wisconsin FFRF Member,

Please call and email your state senator immediately asking him or her to vote against AB 244, creating a special “In God We Trust” license plate. The bill is on the agenda for a floor vote tomorrow, (Tuesday, March 18). Read the bill here. 

It’s vital to act — the bill already passed the State Assembly. See bill history here. 

FFRF has taken issue with the 'In God We Trust' license plates since September. FFRF Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott noted in his testimony:

"The phrase 'In God We Trust' is not representative of all Wisconsinites. To be accurate, it would have to say, 'In god some of us trust.' The Pew Research Center reports that nearly 20% of adult Americans, and one in three young adults, is now non-religious. According to Department of Defense data from 2012, 23% of military personnel identified as non-religious. A survey of FFRF’s membership also demonstrated that 24% of its members are veterans.

"State legislators are elected to represent all citizens, including those who do not believe in a monotheistic god or any gods. Both supporters and opponents of the bill recognize that 'In God We Trust' is a religious statement. The fact that a portion of the plate fees would go to the state’s Veterans Trust Fund does not mitigate the problems with a religious plate."

The state already offers the secular "Wisconsin Salutes Veterans" license plates, which finances the Veterans Trust Fund. This religious plate is unnecessary and divisive.

“It sends an exclusionary message,” adds FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor. “First of all, if a non-believer wanted to help out veterans they are going to be precluded from buying this plate. This is obviously an attempt to push religion.”


Call and email your senator to vote "NO" on AB 244.

Find your state senator HERE. 

Links to senator home pages with emails and telephone numbers HERE. 

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