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SOS! Oppose prayer of Clark County Board!

The Freedom From Religion Foundation wants your help in contacting the Clark County (Washington) Board of Commissioners to oppose a plan to open civil Board meetings with prayers. The prayers would marginalize nonbelievers and community members who are not in agreement with the proselytizing messages. Because the prayers would be government-sponsored speech they must follow the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.


The Board of County Commissioners of Clark County is holding a public hearing at 10:00 am, Tuesday March 19. Please speak out and let the Board know that the prayers are unwelcoming and that the Board should take action to prevent the Board's adoption of religious invocation. If you can't make the meeting, please phone the County Board and email today. Phone calls get more attention than emails.




Board of County Commissioners for Clark County
1300 Franklin, 6th Floor
Vancouver, WA 98666-5000
Phone: (360) 397-2232
Fax: (360) 397-6058

District 1 Commissioner, Tom Meilke
Click on the link below to send him an email:

District 2 Commissioner, David Madore
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District 3 Commissioner, Steve Stuart
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Contact the local media

Email a letter to the editor of the area's newspaper, The Beaumont Enterprise:

Talking Points

Read FFRF's letter.

One sentence is sufficient. Your own words are best. But you may wish to copy these paragraphs in your correspondence:

I oppose the resolution to invoke prayer at the start of each meeting of the Board of County Commissioners of Clark County.
Board members and other representatives of the government should not misuse the privilege their position confers upon them to promote religious messages.

The prayers would confer an appearance of official government endorsement, and marginalize members of the community who do not conform to the religious beliefs espoused in the messages. Please do not adopt government-sponsored prayers and show respect for the Establishment Clause and the rights of conscience of all members of our pluralistic society. A quarter of the Washington State population is nonreligious.


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